Postpartum surprises

When my most recent baby was 2 weeks old we decided to get baby chickens. The first night we had them, they were cheeping loudly as we were trying to get ready for bed.  My husband had told me all day he wanted to be in bed by 9 pm because it was Saturday night … [Read more…]

Fall Sensory Basket

Putting this together is super easy and it even makes for festive decor.  Here are some things I’ve included in my toddler’s autumn sensory basket: Gourds You can purchase real ones at a grocery store or artificial ones.  I’m doing a mix of both.  With these we talk about textures, colors, sizes…taste? Hm. Sensory Jar We … [Read more…]

Books for Learning: Construction Machines

Garbage trucks. Cars. Mowers. We are all things “go” around here these days, so I requested a couple books from the library and, people, they are precious. I know there are tons of construction truck books out there, but because I’m on a current let’s-check-out-every-thing-from-the-library kick, we only borrowed two in this particular category (so … [Read more…]